16 -ICML - Industry Program

We are proud to announce that the 16-ICML will start off on Friday, June 18 from 12:00 to 19:30 CEST with the Industry Program, which this year includes sixteen satellite symposia taking place on our platform.


Innovative data on pharmaceutical research as well as the most recent advances in the field will be presented and discussed by internationally recognized experts. The detailed agenda of satellite symposia, with topics and speakers, will be included in the Program Book, available below.


All presentations will be followed by Q&A live sessions, which will allow attendees to send their questions to the discussants, while polls will be organized in order to explore the audience opinion on controversial topics. In addition, the chat “Watch & Ask” will be available during the whole duration of the

Conference in order to clarify any questions related to the symposia.


As of 19 June 2021 and upon companies’ agreement, each live-streamed symposium will be available on-demand on its dedicated page until July 11, 2022.


In addition, our Virtual exhibition area will give participants the opportunity to discover the most innovative pharmaceutical research and products of more than twenty leading companies in the field of malignant lymphoma. In relation to the exhibition area, the chat “Visit&Ask” will give attendees the opportunity to get in contact with experts from the Companies who are present at 16-ICML!


The 16-ICML Industry Program is intended only for healthcare professionals involved in the study and treatment of lymphoid neoplasms.