16-ICML - Publications

16-ICML abstract submission closed on March 23, 2021.

Submitted abstracts were evaluated by an international panel of experts. To them goes the Organizing Committee's gratitude and appreciation for their cooperation and help in program definition.

16-ICML Abstract Book includes all accepted abstracts, while the Educational Book includes articles pertinent to Meet the Professor sessions and Educational symposium lectures.
These publications are supplement to “Hematological Oncology” (John Wiley and Sons, Inc.), available on Wiley Online Library as of June 9 (12:00 pm CEST).


Please note that the submission of an abstract does not imply an automatic registration to the 16-ICML. 
Abstract presenters must register to participate to the meeting: a discounted registration fee of CHF 250.- applies to submitting/presenting authors (i.e. one only person per abstract).

In order to benefit from the author-friendly registration fee, please send an email to registration@icml.ch, specifying the abstract submission number (AS) contained in the abstract confirmation email.



The authors of ICML abstracts retain the copyright of their abstracts when published in the Abstract Book, supplement to “Hematological Oncology” (John Wiley and Sons, Inc.).

The first authors and co-authors can reuse their abstract, i.e. they have permission to:

  • reprint the abstract in collections of the co-authors’ writing
  • present the abstract orally in its entirety
  • use the article, figures and tables in theses, dissertations and future works
  • reproduce the abstract for use in courses they are teaching
  • distribute copies of the abstract to colleagues, for non-commercial purposes only
  • post a copy of the abstract on the co-author’s personal and/or institutional website, provided that a hyperlink to the abstract on Wiley website is included
  • translate the abstract to local language for reprinting

Inclusion of the reference “This abstract is included in the 16-ICML Abstract Book, (URL to abstract publication)” is appreciated.