13-ICML - Scientific and Symposia Programs

The final Scientific Program (as of June 10th 2015) can be downloaded here.


The 13-ICML POSTER SESSION will take place in Marquee Parco Ciani from Wednesday, June 17th at 12:00 till Friday, June 19th at 18:30. Please download here the list with titles of the 150 displayed posters. Authors will be available for discussion with attendees in front of their poster from 12:30 to 13:00 on Thursday, June 18th and Friday, June 19th.


You can also download the provided "Satellite Symposia program" here.


You can download the 13-ICML program at a glance day/day and room/room.

Based on the abstracts received and accepted for oral presentation, general sessions 1-13 will be devoted to either specific subtypes of lymphoid neoplasia (e.g. mantle cell lymphomas, follicular lymphomas, T-cell lymphomas, etc), or to the presentation of laboratory and clinical research data grouped around a biologic topic (for example, microenvironment, signalling pathway, surface antigens). The latter sessions will be introduced by an expert summarizing the topic.

«Focus on...» are parallel oral sessions highlighting abstracts of scientific value but not selected for oral presentation during the general sessions. These sessions will be run in parallel and each will be focused on a particular topic. The one-hour sessions will consist of six presentations of 10 minutes each, including discussion.

Clinical discussion sessions have presenters of outstanding centers addressing cases which are not trivial nor very rare, but rather situations commonly encountered but the solution of which remains controversial. In 2013 we experienced a US vs. Europe debate (Mayo Clinic vs. Lysa), in 2015 again we will have New York and FIL (the cooperative Italian Lymphoma Foundation).

Please download here the list of all these sessions.

Special sessions devoted to radiotherapy, organized in collaboration with ILROG (International Lymphoma Radiation Oncology Group): two satellite workshops will take place on Tuesday afternoon, open to all 13-ICML attendees, and on Thursday afternoon. Furthermore, a special session on Contouring in Modern Lymphoma Radiotherapy Planning” will be held on Saturday June 20 (pre-registration at registration@lymphcon.ch is necessary). Further details can be found here.

Extra space for pediatric oncology: besides the usual general session we will have a “Meet the Professor” session and a Clinical case discussion devoted to pediatric oncology.

You can download the “Pocket Program” here.