Scientific Publications


A big "thank you" to all authors!

We have received the highest number of abstracts ever submitted to ICML and tthe scientific content was of very high interest and value.

Regular abstracts have been evaluated and selected for oral presentation (general sessions and “Focus on…” sessions), poster presentation and/or for inclusion in the 17-ICML Abstract Book.

The selection was extremely difficult, even with the help of 17-ICML reviewers. To them goes the Organizing Committee's gratitude and appreciation for the friendly cooperation and professional expertise:


R.H. Advani, Palo Alto, CA (USA)
S.M. Ansell, Rochester, MN (USA)
J.O. Armitage, Omaha, NE (USA)
P. Borchmann, Cologne (Germany)
S. Borchmann, Cologne (Germany)
E. Campo, Barcelona (Spain)
C. Carlo-Stella, Milan (Italy)
F. Ceppi, Lausanne (Switzerland)
L. Ceriani, Bellinzona (Switzerland)
N. Chiorazzi, Manhasset, NY (USA)
W.J. Chng, Singapore (Singapore)
R. Dalla-Favera, New York, NY (USA)
A. Davies, Southampton (UK)
L. de Leval, Lausanne (Switzerland)
S. Dirnhofer, Basel (Switzerland)
M. Dreyling, Munich (Germany)
A.J. Ferreri, Milan (Italy)
C. Flowers, Houston, TX (USA)
B. Gerber, Bellinzona (Switzerland)
M. Hallek, Cologne (Germany)
O. Hermine, Paris (France)
A. Herrera, Duarte, CA (USA)
G. Iacoboni Garcia-Calvo, Barcelona (Spain)
P.W.M. Johnson, Southampton (UK)
B.S. Kahl, St. Louis, MO (USA)
W.S. Kim, Seoul (South Korea)
E. Kimby, Stockholm (Sweden)
R. Küppers, Essen (Germany)
D. Kurtz, Stanford, CA (USA)
J. Kuruvilla, Toronto, ON (Canada)
S. Le Gouill, Nantes (France)
J.P. Leonard, New York, NY (USA)

T.A. Lister, London (UK)
S. Luminari, Modena (Italy)
A.M. Melnick, New York, NY (USA)
P. Mondello, New York, NY (USA)
F. Morschhauser, Lille (France)
B. Nadel, Marseille (France)
G.S. Nowakowski, Rochester, MN (USA)
S. O’Brien, Orange, CA (USA)
L. Pasqualucci, New York, NY (USA)
L. Quintanilla-Martinez de Fend, Tübingen (Germany)
S.R. Rajkumar, Rochester, MN (USA)
V. Ribrag, Villejuif (France)
D. Robbiani, Bellinzona (Switzerland)
M. Roschewski, Bethesda, MD (USA)
A. Salar Silvestre, Murcia (Spain)
G. Salles, New York, NY (USA)
K.J. Savage, Vancouver, BC (Canada)
S. Schuster, Philadelphia, PA (USA)
L. Schwartz, New York, NY (USA)
D. Scott, Vancouver, BC (Canada)
L. Sehn, Vancouver, BC (Canada)
J.F. Seymour, Melbourne (Australia)
M.A. Shipp, Boston, MA (USA)
C. Thieblemont, Paris (France)
H. Tilly, Rouen (France)
J. Trotman, Concord (Australia)
J. Westin, Houston, TX (USA)
W. Wössmann, Hamburg (Germany)
T. Zenz, Zurich (Switzerland)
W. Zhao, Shanghai (China)
P.L. Zinzani, Bologna (Italy)

Copyright, confidentiality & embargo

The authors of ICML abstracts retain the copyright of their abstracts when published in the Abstract Book, supplement to “Hematological Oncology” (John Wiley and Sons, Inc.).

The first authors and co-authors can reuse their abstract, i.e. they have permission to:

  • reprint the abstract in collections of the co-authors’ writing
  • present the abstract orally in its entirety
  • use the article, figures and tables, in theses, dissertations and future works
  • reproduce the abstract for use in courses they are teaching
  • distribute copies of the abstract to colleagues, for non-commercial purposes only
  • post a copy of the abstract on the co-author’s personal and/or institution website, provided that a hyperlink to the abstract on Wiley website is included
  • translate the abstract to local language for reprinting

Inclusion of the reference “This abstract is included in the 17-ICML Abstract Book, (URL to abstract publication)” is appreciated.

If an abstract has been published or previously submitted to other conferences where copyright restrictions apply, authors should ensure that they have permission to reuse the abstract for print and online publication in the ICML Abstract Book and include any references applicable to previous or in progress publication.

All accepted abstracts are included in the Abstract Book, supplement to “Hematological Oncology” (John Wiley and Sons, Inc.), published online on Wiley Online Library on June 9 (23:59 CEST). Prior to this date, submitted abstracts (except for Encore abstracts) were treated as confidential by the 17-ICML Organizing Committee, Advisory Board, reviewers, as well as the first author, co-authors and research sponsors.

Embargo on data and information included in all accepted abstracts (except Encore abstracts) has been lifted as of June 9 (23:59 CEST), when the 17-ICML Abstract Book has been released.
Data and information beyond what is included in the accepted abstracts (e.g. full data sets, articles), may only be made public at the beginning of the official program session during which the study is presented.


If a company is required to disclose data or other information from a confidential abstract before the public release, the press release must include a qualitative summary of the abstract avoiding quantitative information and must indicate that the data have been submitted to 17-ICML for presentation during the event and/or publication in the Abstract Book. The company must send a copy of the press release to for reference.