Hotel information


Lugano is situated in the south of the Ticino region (or canton), the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, on the shores of the Ceresio Lake.


Hotel booking


Amiconi Consulting SA is the only official appointed agency to manage hotel bookings for the 17-ICML.

Amiconi Consulting SA
Via al Forte 10 - 6900 Lugano, Switzerland
Phone: +41 91 921 38 12

Amiconi Consulting SA, with the approval of the Foundation for the Institute of Oncology Research (IOR), has blocked for the congress participants several hotels of various categories and price ranges.

In order to proceed with the booking of hotel rooms you are kindly invited to send a request to

A full list of the hotels still available with rates and further details will be sent to your attention and the requests will be processed on a first come first served basis.

Kindly notice that:

- hotel room bookings for the groups, for more than 8 persons, will guarantee registration for the 17-ICML only if the reservation is made through Amiconi Consulting;

- in the event of a restriction on the number of participants, those who have booked through Amiconi Consulting will have the priority to register.


Any other agency, company or website is not authorised to represent ICML in any way and does not have access to the officially contracted allocation of rooms for 17-ICML.

The hotel reservation does not constitute confirmation of registration for the 17-ICML. 


In the main hall of the Palazzo dei Congressi, a Transport&Info Desk will be open for any further clarification and assistance.

For details, an information desk will be available in the Palazzo dei Congressi throughout the duration of the Congress.


For further information please visit