Conference Platform

The Conference Platform is the online tool where participants (on-site and virtual) can find all Conference-related contents. 
The Platform will be open to 17-ICML attendees, faculty and sponsors from June 9 at 8:30 (CEST) and will remain accessible until December 15, 2023.


To access the Platform you don't need to install any software or App. You only need to access the Platform through the internet browser of your device.

Please note that Internet Explorer is not recommended.


How to access the Platform

To access the Conference Platform, you need to log in using the credentials of your MyICML account – the account you created to register to the Conference.
If you don’t remember your credentials, simply set a new password after logging in with the email address used to register for the 17-ICML.
For group participants, please log in with the email address used by the group leader to register you for the Conference and set a new password.
We recommend not to wait until the Conference begins to log in for the first time. 
If you need any help before the Conference please contact us at

The access is restricted to 17-ICML attendees, faculty and sponsors.

Device friendliness

The Platform is accessible from any kind of device: computer, tablet and smartphone.

Where to access the Platform

The Platform is accessible from the homepage of this website, from this specific page or from the Daily Newsletters that will be sent to participants on Congress days.

Recommended Internet browser

It is recommended using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge, with the newest update.
Please note that the use of Internet Explorer is not supported.

Contents and tools

Content/tool Useful for
online attendees

Useful for
on-site attendees

Live streaming of the Scientific and Industry Program X     


E-poster gallery

X  X 
 Virtual Exhibition area X   

Rating tool for sessions evaluation (for the Industry Program it will be possibile to evaluate every sigle presentation)

X  X 
Q&A/Poll tool  X  X 

"My Program" tool to set its own personal Conference calendar and
eventually download it on its private agenda

X  X 
“Share contacts" tool allowing participants to share contacts and save them on their own mobile device    X 
Virtual delegate bag X   

Help Desk (live chat with ICML staff during Conference days)

X  **
Evalutation form (and certificate of attendance) X X            
On-demand videorecordings (accessible to registered attendees until December 15, 2023) X X                        

*The live streaming will not be available via the complimentary Wi-Fi network.

** On-site participants are welcomed at the Registration/Info Desk in Palazzo dei Congressi.

Video instructions

Video instructions about the Platform are accessible from the Lobby of the Platform to learn how to navigate it and get the most out of your Conference experience.

On-demand video recordings

Sessions will be available on-demand on the Conference Platform 12 hours after they have been aired live.
Please note that some contents might not be available on-demand if requested by Companies.
The Platform will remain open to registered attendees until December 15, 2023.

My Profile / Certificate of attendance

In the “My Profile” section you will find your profile’s information. From there, you will also be able to download the certificate of attendance at the end of the Congress, after having filled out the evaluation form.

Technical requirements


    What type of equipment is it required?
    Which Internet browser should be used?
    Is there any recommendation on the Wi-Fi speed?
    Is it possible to use a VPN connection?
    What to do if the resolution of the streaming is not working well?
    Is there any recommendation on Ad Blockers?