16-ICML publications

16-ICML abstract submission closed on March 23, 2021.

Submitted abstracts were evaluated by an international panel of experts. To them goes the Organizing Committee's gratitude and appreciation for their cooperation and help in program definition.

16-ICML Abstract Book includes all accepted abstracts, while the Educational Book includes articles pertinent to Meet the Professor sessions and Educational symposium lectures.
These publications are supplement to “Hematological Oncology” (John Wiley and Sons, Inc.), available on Wiley Online Library as of June 9 (12:00 pm CEST).


Please note that the submission of an abstract does not imply an automatic registration to the 16-ICML. 
Abstract presenters must register to participate to the meeting: a discounted registration fee of CHF 250.- applies to submitting/presenting authors (i.e. one only person per abstract).

In order to benefit from the author-friendly registration fee, please send an email to registration@icml.ch, specifying the abstract submission number (AS) contained in the abstract confirmation email.


Copyright, confidentiality & embargo

The authors of ICML abstracts retain the copyright of their abstracts when published in the Abstract Book, supplement to “Hematological Oncology” (John Wiley and Sons, Inc.).

The first authors and co-authors can reuse their abstract, i.e. they have permission to:

  • reprint the abstract in collections of the co-authors’ writing
  • present the abstract orally in its entirety
  • use the article, figures and tables in theses, dissertations and future works
  • reproduce the abstract for use in courses they are teaching
  • distribute copies of the abstract to colleagues, for non-commercial purposes only
  • post a copy of the abstract on the co-author’s personal and/or institutional website, provided that a hyperlink to the abstract on Wiley website is included
  • translate the abstract to local language for reprinting

Inclusion of the reference “This abstract is included in the 16-ICML Abstract Book, (URL to abstract publication)” is appreciated.

If an abstract has been published or previously submitted to other conferences where copyright restrictions apply, authors should ensure that they have permission to reuse the abstract, in full for print and online publication in the ICML Abstract Book, and include any references applicable to previous or in progress publication.

Data and information included in all accepted abstracts (except Encore abstracts) are under embargo until June 9 (12:00 pm CEST).
Data and information beyond what is included in the accepted abstracts (e.g. full data sets, articles), may only be made public at the beginning of the official program session during which the study is presented.


If a company is required to disclose data or other information from a confidential abstract before the public release, the press release must include a qualitative summary of the abstract avoiding quantitative information and must indicate that the data have been submitted to 16-ICML for presentation during the event and/or publication in the Abstract Book. The company must send a copy of the press release to abstract@icml.ch for reference.

Presenter responsibilities
  • The presenter serves as primary contact for all correspondence regarding the abstract ( except if there is a Submitter ).
  • The submission of an abstract constitutes a formal commitment by the person to present the abstract (if accepted) orally or as a poster. Due to the conversion of 16-ICML in a fully virtual event, sessions will be held remotely (participation of speakers must be secured to interact with the chair during live Q&A). Posters must be submitted for publication in the virtual gallery, an essential section of the platform, and include email address of the presenters for relevant enquiries from participants.
  • The presenter of a clinical abstract cannot be an employee of a pharmaceutical and/or diagnostic company. Conversely, employees of such companies may submit and present non-clinical abstracts.

Upon submission of an abstract, the presenter is responsible for the following:   

  • ensuring that all authors have read the abstract, agreed to be co-authors and accepted the 16-ICML submission policies and regulations;
  • forwarding all correspondence regarding the abstract to all co-authors;
  • releasing of the permission to the recording of his/her presentation for multimedia coverage, live streaming during the 16-ICML days and inclusion in the 16-ICML webcast project.
  • disclosing any conflict of interest related to the data presented in the abstract, declaring the name of the company (s)he or any of the co-authors maintain a "relevant financial relationship" with.
    Relevant financial relationships” are intended those relationships from which the authors or any individual with whom (s)he directly shares his/her income has received or may receive financial benefit within the past 24 months.
    The relationships that must be declared are: employment or leadership position in a company – consultant or advisory role - stock ownership – honoraria – research funding – travel grants – other remuneration. Unless otherwise indicated, it is implied that there are no conflicts of interests pertinent to the abstract.
  • certifying that the same abstract has neither been nor will be previously published before the 16-ICML, except for Encore abstracts (abstracts presented at regional or national meetings with < 1’000 attendees, EBMT, AACR, ASCO and EHA 2021).
    Encore abstracts will include the sentence “EA - previously submitted to EBMT / AACR / ASCO / EHA 2021”.
    Furthermore, the presenter certifies that the abstract will not be included as such in the scientific material produced in connection with any Satellite symposium held during the 16-ICML (the company organizing the Satellite symposium undertakes to verify that the abstract included in the material is formally different from the one submitted to  the 16-ICML).
  • declaring how the research was funded (by a pharmaceutical, biotech or other commercial company or by a Foundation or academic group) and naming the organization(s) funding the study.
Swiss Cancer Research foundation education grants

The following young investigators (less than 35 years old), whose abstract has been accepted for oral presentation, are recognized with the educational grant, sponsored by the Swiss Cancer Research foundation:

Othman Al-Sawaf, Cologne (Germany)
Elodie Bal, New York, NY (USA)
Doriane Cavalieri, Clermont-Ferrand, France
Sanjal H. Desai, Rochester, MN (USA)
Julia Driessen, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Leonie Frauenfeld, Tübingen (Germany)
Fabian Knörr, Hamburg (Germany)
Jordan Krull, Rochester, MN (USA)
Kai Rejeski, Munich (Germany)
Muchen Zhang, Shanghai, China